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  • January 10, 2015 @ 11:14:42 AM — The TroubleAnnouncements No Comments

    We're back and comments!

    The comics are back! We'll be posting 2 pages until the completion of Chapter 5, there should be 5 pages or so left to go. Tryig to make it hit 28, but we'll see.

    Other News:

    Issue 3 & 4 has hit Comixology Submit you can find them below:

    Chapter 3: The Weight of the Matter pt 1

    Chapter 4: The Weight of the Matter pt 2

    This will make all the completed chapters available, and Chapter 5 should follow along shortly.

    Also, I've set up Disqus on the site to handle comments. Seemed like a better idea then trying to do it all myself with user accounts and sign-in-with-facebook bullshit. It probably won't get used to much in the beginning, but who knows, might be fun. This post is mostly an excuse to try it out. I'll see about attaching them to the comic chapters as well, that might be a little more useful.