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    On Gravitas & Rewrites

    Chapter 4 (and to a lesser extent chapter 3) hasn't really been as funny as I'd hoped it would be. I definitely don't think it's as funny as the first two, and I'm (of course) working under the assumption that any of this has been funny at all. I did some pretty big rewrites with the hope that it not only makes for funnier dialog, but also streamlines the story a little and gets the page count under control.

    It's definitely helped some, and I'm going to continue to look for ways to improve the writing. The biggest problem is that Gravitas as a character just isn't that inherently funny. A lot of the humor of this book is character driven and comes from their absurdity and their interactions with The Trouble. Gravitas is considerably less absurd then the previous two villains, and what were intended as his absurd qualities have't ever really come together properly (ie. executed poorly).

    There's still some time, but I'm thinking we're probably a little to far into this chapter to really fundamentally change him. But like I said, I'm continually looking for ways to improve it. I do see these still as a work in progress. Anyway, hopefully the other qualities of this chapter are enough to carry it along.


    We've nearly finalized the cover for Chapter 4. It's been added to the comic page, but here it is just for fun:

    Chapter 4 Cover

    And last but not least, an unobstructed view of the nifty warehouse background from a couple pages back.

    Warehouse Background